Live Action Winnie the Pooh Finds Christopher Robin in Ewan McGregor

Recently, it seems as though the newest Disney movie trend is live-action remakes of animated classics. The latest adaptation will be the story of everyone’s favorite 100-acre wood full of stuffed toys, and will be named after the boy who finds comfort there, Christopher Robin.

The film, which has not yet set a release date, has found Ewan McGregor to play the titular character. This, however, won’t be the version of Christopher Robin we’re familiar with. It will focus on his adult life, and how he has grown to focus on work and has lost his imagination. It is up to the one and only Winnie the Pooh to come back into his life and remind him of what life once was.

In my opinion, this take on Winnie the Pooh sounds a great deal like the 1991 film Hook. Though Hook was not a Disney movie, it was a live-action reimagining of Peter Pan that takes a look at a grown-up, workaholic Peter who has become a father. It is up to Tinker Bell to bring him back to Neverland and build him back up to the great, heroic boy he once was.

While we still don’t know much about this film, there seems to be a great deal of excitement brewing around it. Are you looking forward to this film? Let us know!


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