Disneyland Tests Guest Wi-Fi

Guests visiting the Disneyland Resort today were pleasantly surprised to discover a new wifi network option. Disney Guest could be found as one of the wifi options. According to @tsumtsummarie on instagram, the signal was stronger than the AT&T connection.  In the login process a screen said the following:

Wi-Fi testing is in progress, so there may be times when service is slow or unavailable. Pardon the dust as we create Wi-Fi Magic for our guests.

The page went on to go through the terms and conditions before one could access the Wi-Fi network.

Here is the original instagram post that @tsumtsummarie shared:


Wi-Fi is currently offered at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. As more emphasis is placed on the Disneyland App and technology, it makes more and more sense for the Disneyland Resort to offer Wi-Fi connections as well.

Are you excited about Wi-Fi being worked on for the Disneyland Resort?