Disney-Pixar has released a new trailer for the third movie in the Cars franchise. In Cars 3, Lightning McQueen is facing the very real possibility that his racing days could be behind him after a massive crash. However, before giving up he gives it one more try to be the race car he thinks he is. Watch the trailer here: 

What do you think? 

Watching this trailer today I do have to wonder if we are on the cusp of seeing the Cars movie with the biggest heart. It looks like there will be some pretty painful moments to watch in this movie, along with hopefully some heartwarming one. I am guessing that overall we will be looking at a movie that from the very big picture is fairly predictable. However, I’m also guessing this is going to be a movie that might give us some surprises as well as it tackles from very real issues about life, aging, the passing of generations, and friendship. I know when I first saw the initial clips of Lightning’s crash I found myself worried that this was going to be a movie that was built around a big gimmick. Watching this trailer I find myself not so worried that the crash isn’t a gimmick but a true plot device that is really going to take the Cars franchise to a whole new level. I’m now really looking forward to this movie. 

Cars 3 races to theaters in the U.S. on June 16, 2017.

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