Pandora’s Restaurant to Offer a First Among Walt Disney World Quick Service

Pandora – The World of Avatar is still set to open May 27 at Animal Kingdom.  The Disney Parks Blog has released some detail on the Satu’li Canteen, and with a first among Walt Disney World restaurants.

The theme of the Canteen is that it’s the old Resources Department Administration cafeteria, now operated by Alpha Centauri Expeditions.  The menu is “inspired” by the Na’vi culture now too.  The decoration and atmosphere will be taken from Na’vi culture too.  And an “on-stage” grill is the main feature of the food place.

The food is based on common dishes, but spruced up with colorful fruits and vegetables.  Bowls can be customized by visitors.  They can pick from different proteins, like chicken, tofu, beef, or fish.  It sits on a bed of quinoa and salad, and can be mixed with sweet potato hash.  On top of it all will be a choice of sauce or dressing.  It sounds like it will all be prepared on the grill in front of guests.

Also on the menu are “pods” that are like bao buns filled with either curry or cheeseburger.  Some items for kids include a hot dog wrapped in dough.  Quesadillas and “pods” are also available for kids.

The Walt Disney World first is that the “My Disney Experience” app can be used to do mobile ordering.  You can place your order and skip the line to pick it up.  When you are ready and at the location, you press “I’m Here” in the app and pick it up.  Disney Parks Blog says the service will be available at other quick service places later this year.

Satu’li Canteen looks like it will have some of the most unique cuisine of Animal Kingdom.  It seems like it’ll be a great addition to the park when it opens.


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