Annual Passholder Exclusive Sip and Savor Pass at Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival – Is It Worth It?

Yesterday, the 2017 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival began, and with it, Disney released an Annual Passholder exclusive “Sip and Savor Pass”. This pass was $45 dollars and allowed passholders to choose 8 items from any stand-alone booth, minus alcoholic beverages. Wanting to try as much food as possible, we bought our pass in Stage 17 and set out on our mission to finish the pass by the end of the night.

We started our night with the bacon mac and cheese from the Bacon Twist booth, which seemed to be the most popular stand of the festival, and for good reason. The mac and cheese was deliciously creamy, with crunchy onions and thick slices of bacon, easily making it one of our favorite dishes all night. Some other favorites included the pomegranate lemonade from The Onion Lair, or the vanilla bean crème fraîche panna cotta from Olive Us.

Unfortunately not everything could be a favorite, and we also experienced some misses. The sweet corn nuggets from Off The Cob contrasted too much from the savory chili they were paired with, a disappointment as this was high on my list of food to try. The cream cheese deviled eggs with smoked trout from Seafood… Sustained also proved to be a bit of an odd combination.

By the end of the night, we had used all eight tickets on our pass, and easily decided that it was worth it. We easily had eaten more than $45 worth of food, so the pass had paid for itself. With each booth offering a combination of savory and sweet items, you could have multiple options throughout the night. The best part of the pass is that it won’t expire until the end of the festival, April 16.

Will you be attending the Food & Wine Festival before it ends? Let us know!



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  1. Thank you for this. I’m going tomorrow and I’m going to try the sip and savor pass. I thought you should know, though, that your pictures of the food don’t all show and if I click to scroll through them, then the labels don’t show up. Probably a simple fix and it would make this post more useful.

    1. I just saw the date and realized that the selection of goodies will be different for Festival of Holidays. However, the feedback about how your images appears might still be helpful.

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