The Main Street Electrical Parade’s Disneyland Homecoming

Last night was the Main Street Electrical Parade Premiere and party, though it’s really more of a homecoming than premiere of a parade.  Disneyland hosted the return of the beloved nighttime parade with a great deal of celebratory offerings in the night.  As guests entered they received a commemorative lanyard that lights up with a button.  Special park maps were given out as well.  After entering, guests were able to walk on a red carpet to have their photo taken against a backdrop with logos.

From there, some attractions were open in a few of the lands. Most guest chose to camp out for the only showing of the parade for the night.  Music from the 70’s filled the air throughout each land to commemorate 1972, the original year the parade began at Disneyland.  This provided a fun dance atmosphere for all to enjoy and partake in.

At 9 pm it was time for the Main Street Electrical Parade to make its grand entrance again!  As the fanfare started many yelled with excitement and anticipation!

Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade now begins with Casey Jr. leading the way.  The drum that Mickey Mouse sits atop is back with the original marquee that signifies the title of the parade.  Everything else seemed polished and pristine for the return.  Tinker Bell’s float, which was a new addition a few years back, is now with Captain Hook’s ship midway through the lineup.

Following the parade’s performance, a few floats were lined up along the Main Street parade route for photos.  Elliot and a few critters from Alice’s unit were included.  Casey Jr. and the drum were only available for press who were present that night.

Beside the parade itself, there were other things were offered to do and partake in.  An actual 70’s dance party was at Tomorrowland Terrace, with Polyester Express providing live music.  Merchandise was available for purchase, including sketches at Disneyana that glow under black light.  Annual Passholder popcorn buckets were available at various carts and will offer the same refill option as this last summer. Fantasia ice cream made a come back at Gibson Girl, while a chocolate hazelnut tart makes its debut at Market House.  Several themed candy treats are at the Candy Palace on Main Street and Coke Corner has some special chili and chips.

The party was a fun start to the much anticipated return of a classic.  It was nostalgic and fun.  The evening at Disneyland featured a great, energized performance to start the parade’s limited run.  Rain threatened it all, but was delayed until towards the end of the night.

The Main Street Electrical Parade runs until June 18, and is sure to be another hit with guests for its 45th year!


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  1. I saw the parade last night with my two teenage daughters, who weren’t born until a few years after the original parade “glowed away” in 1997…What happened to the Blue Fairy?… ;-)

    1. That sounds like a completely magical experience! Love it! And yea… miss the Blue Fairy!

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