It’s Time for DAPscaf, Holiday Edition!

First holiday #dapscaf2016 from the Disneyland Resort.

Anyone following members of the DAPs Magic team on social media has probably seen photos of coffee cups in front of various Disney icons. #DAPscaf2016 (see photos here) evolved out of a love for coffee and also Disneyland. However, it has grown beyond just the Disneyland Resort and has also appeared at many other Disney Theme Parks this year and beyond!

Now that the Holidays have arrived at the Disneyland Resort, we thought it would be fun to invite everyone to join in on the #dapscaf2016 fun! From now until the end of the year, we will be having themes for each week’s #dapscaf2016. To participate, post your picture of your coffee with something that fits into the theme on Instagram with the hashtag #dapscaf2016. Each week, we will be re-sharing some of these photos on the official DAPscaf instagram account. We hope it will be a fun little bonus to the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort and beyond.

Here are the weekly #dapscaf2016 themes:
  • 11/13 Christmas Tree

  • 11/20 Christmas Castle (any castle or Sleeping Beauty Castle)

  • 11/27 Cars Land Christmas (or something to do with Disney-Pixar’s Cars)

  • 12/4 A Christmas Fantasy Parade (or something related to something in it)

  • 12/11 Disney California Adventure Christmas Window (or something related to something in it)

  • 12/18 It’s a Small World Holiday (or something related to something in it)

  • 12/25 Christmas Wild Card!  (Anything Holiday Related)
  • 1/8 Disney California Adventure Christmas Tree (or something related to something in it)

We hope you have fun participating in this holiday edition of #dapscaf2016. Make sure to follow the DAPscaf instagram handle to see your photos re-shared there. Let’s go enjoy some coffee and have some photographic fun!


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