Sprinkles Now Open At Downtown Disney!

sprinklesdowntowndisneyDowntown Disney has a new bakery specializing in cupcakes.  That’s right!  Sprinkles is now open near Disneyland.  The gourmet pastry shop is located right by Catal.  Inside is a big selection of cupcakes and cookies.

Guests go up to a register and put in an order of cupcakes which is $4.95 on average per treat.  Afterwards, guests wait for their treats to be boxed.

The inside of the shop is simple, but makes it a quaint shop in the Disney shopping area.  Small shelves on either side show some items besides cupcakes, while the large case in the middle of the registers showcases the cupcakes themselves.  An assortment of cookies are also available.

sprinklesdowntowndisney-8With today being the opening day, there was a small line outside the door to go in and order.  Once inside, it was not cramped at all, which meant it was all a nice set up for the popular shop.

Among the selections are standard flavors of cake, like vanilla and chocolate.  Some of the more “exotic” flavors are peanut butter and banana, chai, and lemon coconut.  The cupcakes are fairly good sized, and take multiple bites to devour.  The frosting has a very buttery flavor to it.  The cake is nice and moist and flavorful as well.  There are gluten free and vegan options offered too.

Sprinkles is a nice addition to the Disneyland Resort.  It rounds out many of the shops and restaurants available.  The location is prime as it’s about the middle of the shopping center, which means it could stay busy throughout the year.  But, service is fast and it’s easy to get in and out with very little time.

For those Sprinkles fans wondering if something other than cookies and cupcakes are offered, they are not.  No mini versions or ice cream sundaes are found here.  But, the cupcakes are still worth checking out.

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