MAC Cosmetics celebrates Star Trek 50th Anniversary

September 1st, M.A.C Cosmetics officially launched their collaboration with Star Trek as Trekkies and makeup lovers (including myself) rejoiced. From September 9th through the 11th, M.A.C held an event at the Los Cerritos Center to celebrate not only the release of the collection, but also the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.mac-star-trek-event-5

Within seconds of entering the event, I could tell there was a general excitement buzzing throughout the center. There seemed to be a great deal of people surrounding one specific area of the circular building housing the event, so obviously that was the first place I was drawn to. Once I arrived, I caught the end of Uhura singing to the audience and joining Spock and Vina back at the transporter for a photo opportunity. After watching all the characters interact with guests for a few minutes, a MAC employee asked if I wanted to take a picture and also have a gif of the characters and I beaming up in the transporter. I quickly dropped everything, handed my phone over, and rushed up to take my place on the set.

Once I had the gif emailed to me, I took a quick tour around the rest of the event. The second stage hemac-star-trek-event-8ld makeup artists using pieces of the new collection on guests to transform them into people who looked as if they truly belonged on the Enterprise. As I made my way to the third and final stage, I found two more actors and another photo op! Once again, I found myself handing my phone to the nearest employee and excitedly hurrying towards the stage. In this case, I was smiling next to Data and Deanna Troi. Once I realized I had seen most of the event, I set off in the direction of the M.A.C store, wanting to get my hands on the makeup line I had just seen in action.

The moment I step foot into the store, I knew how difficult it would be to make decisions on what products I wanted to bring home with me. As a makeumac-star-trek-event-12p lover, I wanted to add all these new and fun galaxy themed items to my collection. As a newfound trekkie, I wanted bring home everything that had the Starfleet command insignia or had a fun name. Luckily for the makeup artists helping me decide, I found the all products I wanted to buy (for now) fairly quickly and made my way to the counter. While checking out, the cashier noted that I seemed to be a big fan, and threw a few extra building block Enterprises into my bag themed to the event. I thanked her profusely, and instead of leaving for the day, I found myself being drawn back to the event where I had started the day.

I ended the day at a seat across from the transporter stage, and simply watched. I watched people tell the actors how they remembered watching the Original Series when it aired and ending the conversation in a Vulcan Salute. I watched parents excitedly bring their children on the stage while they tried to explain how exciting it all was. Most importantly, I watched generations being brought together with a common interest, Star Trek. I couldn’t help but remember that no matter how different we all seem, it’s the little things that bring us together.

Live long and prosper.


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