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piper-soundtrackDisney and Pixar animated films have wonderful soundtracks that are released to the delight of ears everywhere.  Many times they grab the spotlight of theater goers who pick out a favorite song and then run home to download it.  Sometimes we forget about the animated shorts that precede the film we anticipate.  In many of these shorts are some great tunes that go along with the art we see on the screen.

I was delighted to find out recently that some of the music from Disney and Pixar shorts are available for purchase on digital stores!

papermanA while back I had discovered a couple of great soundtracks to animated shorts: Frozen Fever and Paperman.  Actually, Frozen Fever’s song is titled “Making Today A Perfect Day.”  I remember it being highlighted on the iTunes Music Store and grabbed it when it debuted.  Paperman was something I stumbled upon, but with wanting the soundtrack to this cartoon.  Christophe Beck did a remarkable job with the short time to have music.

I know the song from Pixar short Lava has been around since it premiered in theaters.  It’s semi-sad, semi-happy lyrics have touched many, and it has been downloaded quite a bit.  In addition to this Pixar delight are a couple of other finds: The Blue Umbrella and Piper.  The Blue Umbrella was the short in front of Monsters University and Piper was in front of the recent Finding Dory.

Piper has a distinct music line that goes hand in hand with its story.  The Blue Umbrella has a bit of an indy flare to it, and features vocals by Sarah Jaffe.  The album available for download has two tracks for Blue Umbrella.  One has the vocals and the other is instrumental.  I think the song is bound to get stuck in people’s heads.

Any of these songs are great additions to Disney soundtrack collections.  Though they aren’t as famous as the feature length soundtracks, and have a shorter span of melody, they are still great songs.  And, if you have Apple Music streaming service then they are all available there too.

blue_umbrella Pixar Post Lava Soundtrack

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