The Force Was Strong as the Disneyland Resort 2016 All-American College Band Said Goodbye

Another summer has come and gone for the Disneyland Resort All-American College Band. For 46 summers, this band has entertained Disneyland guests with their energetic daily performances. Under the direction of Dr. Ron McCurdy, the band has performed this summer Tuesdays-Saturdays in both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. They have also performed with many guest clinicians who are experts in their field. Most importantly, the band has brought smiles to thousands of people as they have experienced their performances.

The final day began in Disney California Adventure with an extended Jazz set at the Hollywood Backlot Stage.

The day continued with the Patriotic Flag Ceremony in Town Square on Main Street, USA at Disneyland. The band was joined by the Dapper Dans of Disneyland who not only sang along, but narrated this special ceremony.

Following the ceremony, a magical moment was had as the Disneyland Honor Guard joined the band for a picture. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck joined for this photo as a large group gathered to see what was going on.

As afternoon gave way to evening, the Disneyland Resort 2016 All-American College Band performed their final set in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle before making their way down Main Street, USA. The TA, Ricardo, stepped forward to help lead part of his final day as a member of the band.

At 7:15, the band performed in front of Main Street Station in Town Square. This set is always a fan favorite and it did not disappoint. As always happens, the set began with Bubbles Was a Cheerleader. The band then played a tune new to this year, a Jungle Book Medley. The set wrapped up with the Michael Jackson Medley and then tribute to the great Earth Wind and Fire!

The final performance of the Disneyland Resort 2016 All-American College Band was a pre-parade performance ahead of the Paint the Night Parade. The first stop was up by It’s a Small World. There, they played a Disney Movie Medley. As the night got darker, the band marched down the route to Main Street playing Goin’ Down the Bayou as they passed through the hub. Once on Main Street, Uptown Funk and Let it Go from Frozen was performed.  The final piece performed by the band for the season was a Star Wars Medley which was performed in front of the Train Station in Town Square. The Force was strong with the band and it was a very powerful and exciting performance.

As the band marched to the end of the parade route they also marched to the end of the 2016 season. The Disneyland Resort All-American College Band is a highlight of the summer for many guests. The end of their performances is often the end of the summer for many as they start pivoting to the fall and Halloween Time that will be coming to the Disneyland Resort in just a few short weeks.

What was your favorite performance of the final day of the Disneyland Resort 2016 All-American College Band?

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