James and the Giant Peach

Disney in Early Talks for a ‘James and the Giant Peach’ Live Action Film

It appears that the Walt Disney Company may be in talks to create a James and the Giant Peach live action film. According to sources, director Sam Mendes is in the lead to take charge of this film. Even more so, it’s said that Nick Hornby would adapt Roald Dahl’s book for an onscreen presence.

James and the Giant Peach

The children’s book which was first published in 1961, can also be remembered by many for its animated stop-motion film in 1996. To keep on with the Roald Dahl theme, the company recently released The BFG, which was directed by Steven Spielberg.

No further word on an estimated release date or cast list has been shared. If a James and the Giant Peach live action film is given an all clear, it will join an already long lineup of Disney remakes.

What are you thoughts on this book becoming a live action film?