The FORCE is Strong With This One – Geeks Corner – Episode 541

Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week we kick things off by geeking out about Star Wars Celebration. Mr. DAPs and Murray report and geek out about all of the Star Wars awesomeness that came out from London last week. Make sure and check out all DAPs Magic’s coverage on the Star Wars Celebration page!

Geeks Corner has partnered up with Pretty Little Bakers for a new segment called A Little Sip of Baking Magic. For the first segment, Mr. DAPs and Kellie created BB-8 Oreo Pops and then paired it with coffee. Check out the post and video here. On this week’s Geeks Corner, there is also some out of context outtakes. We hope you enjoy!

On Sunday Disneyland celebrated its 61st birthday and Murray was there to experience the day. Check out the coverage here and Murray, Mr. DAPs, and Caitie share about their experience at the happiest place on Earth on the happiest day on Earth.

A new Starbucks has opened in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. Does Disneyland really need another one? Let’s geek out about it!

Finally, Elena’s first episode is now on the Disney Channel app and will be on the Disney Channel this Friday. Hayley the Hatter shares about Disney’s newest princess.

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Let’s go to the corner! 

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