5 Reasons to See Frozen - Live at the Hyperion

5 Reasons to See Frozen – Live at the Hyperion

5 Reasons to See Frozen - Live at the HyperionFrozen – Live at the Hyperion has now officially been performing daily at the Hyperion Theater in Disney California Adventure for a week. While many have been able to see this show during the last week and have loved it, many are still on the fence. Here are five reasons to go and see Frozen – Live at the Hyperion, even if you aren’t a Frozen fan.

1. Visuals

The visuals for Frozen – Live at the Hyperion are absolutely stunning. From the moment you walk into the theater, it becomes quickly apparent that things are being done a bit differently than before…. and it is magical and immersive. With three different levels to sit in, each one gets a slightly different experience. Having experienced two of the three (with the one I haven’t yet being the best I’m told), there are unique and magical things to see and experience at each level. The visuals are the level of quality that fitting of the Disney name and brand.

2. Puppets

Frozen – Live at the Hyperion does a brilliant job of recreating some of the characters via some pretty incredible puppets. Many fans wondered how both Sven and Olaf would be brought to life for this stage show. They are brought to life in a way that is completely natural and makes sense. There are no questions about who they are. And the way these puppets are created, they really emulate their animated versions. I never imagined that I would see a real-life Olaf that could emulate some of the things the animated Olaf did in the movie. The puppets utilized for the trolls were also quite fun and helped create a seen that is delightfully fun.

3. Cup Holders

For those who simply must have their drink with them at all times, the Hyperion Theater now accommodates this. It’s almost like going to a movie theater. There are now cup holders for many of the seats in the theater which also means: drinks are allowed in the Hyperion Theater. For me, that means my #dapscaf2016 will be accompanying me to the show. It may seem like a small change but really, it is a pretty awesome one. Also, there are now beverages and snacks being sold by cast members inside the theater if you forgot to bring a drink along and looking at the waters of Arendelle make you thirsty as you wait for the show to begin.

4. Humor

I was really surprised and happy to see the humor that was brought to this show. Frozen – Live at the Hyperion is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is a good thing, it is supposed to be a fun family show and there were quite a few moments that had me genuinely laughing. I don’t want to spoil those moments for you but, I will just say that it is a show that you can sit back, relax, and find yourself laughing to.

5. Music

It is difficult to think of Frozen without having music pop into your head. The music for Frozen – Live at the Hyperion does not disappoint. The show hits the main musical numbers found in the movie in a familiar way while adding a bit of a musical theater flair to them. The arrangements do not disappoint and even if you aren’t the biggest Frozen fan, the addition of people singing… and dancing… at the same time, really add dimension that really enhanced the music I felt.

Frozen – Live at the Hyperion is now playing daily at the Hyperion Theater. If you have already seen it and have more reasons to see it, please add them down below. If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time. Go and see this show and then let me know what you thought about it before! Before I end this, I will add one word of advice. While love is an open door, the Hyperion Theaters doors are not as easy to get through. Make sure and get to the theater early in the day to get a Fastpass in order to maximize your chances at seeing the show. Then, arrive at the appointed time with your drink in hand (use the restrooms first though as there aren’t any inside) and enjoy an hour at the theater!