Goodbye to the Skyway Chalet at Disneyland

Recently news broke out that Disneyland has filed a permit with the city of Anaheim to demolish the Skyway Chalet in Fantasyland.

This building served as an entrance and exit to one of the park’s most beloved attractions.  The Skyway opened in 1956 and gave an aerial view to Disneyland.  It traveled from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, or the other way around depending on where you boarded.  Eventually it went through the Matterhorn attraction.  The attraction closed in 1994 because of deteriorating support frames within the Matterhorn for the attraction, and that it would take a very extensive refurbishment to put the whole attraction up to code with appropriate evacuation support.

Though the attraction closed over two decades ago, it seemed to live on with the remaining station chalet in Fantasyland.  The Tomorrowland station was closed not long after the ride closure.  Now, the last remaining remnant of the once breathtaking attraction will soon be gone to make way for Star Wars Land.  Though it seems sad, it will make way for an exciting expansion to the resort.  The chalet was closed off to all for many years, and now the area will be used once again!