Disney Dollars first came to be in 1987 and began at the US parks on May 5. The currency which could only be used at Disney owned properties in the US were equal to the value of the US dollar. Originally Mickey Mouse appeared on the $1 bill, and Goofy on the $5. Minnie was first on the $10, which came out on November 20, 1989. (This information came from the book Disney A to Z The Official Encyclopedia by Dave Smith)

DisneyDollars 1The initial image on the front remained the same from 1987 to 1989. The backs had different images in those years. Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mark Twain Riverboat, Walt Disney World backdrop, and Horseless Carriage were all back images in this time.

After 1989, it went as follows:

YearCurrency ValueFrontBack
1990$1MickeyCinderella Castle
$5GoofyDisney World Backdrop
$10Minnie MouseDisneyland Backdrop
1993$1Bowtie Mickey Mouse (special 65th birthday version)Mickey Mouse in Toontown
$5GoofyDisney World Backdrop
$10Minnie MouseDisneyland Backdrop
1994Back to originals
1997$1Sorcerer MickeyWalt Disney World 25th Anniversary Cinderella’s Coach
$5Goofy in Tuxedo25th Anniversary Fireworks
$10Young Simba25th Anniversary Sorcerer Mickey logo
1998Back to originals
2000$1Mickey in suit2000 Spaceship Earth
$5Goofy in celebrationParade of Dreams from Disneyland
$10Donald celebratingDisneyland Paris 2000 celebration
2001$1Sorcerer Mickey (different from 1997 version)Disneyland Park “Open 1955”
$5Mickey backpackingDisney’s California Adventure logo
$10Mickey and Minnie on vacationDisneyland Resort old logo
2002$1Steamboat Willie100 Years of Magic characters
$5Snow White100 Years of Magic characters
$10Tinkerbell at Disneyland100 Years of Magic characters
2003$1Mickey in suitNew design Sleeping Beauty Castle
$5Goofy celebrating (without confetti)Disney World – Cinderella Castle
$10Donald DuckDisneyland Paris – Sleeping Beauty Castle
2005$1Dumbo (the overall look was different as well for these)Sleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
$5Donald portraitSleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
$10StitchSleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
$50Mickey portrait in tuxedoSleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
$50Mickey in tuxedo by mirrorSleeping Beauty Castle, Charles Boyer design
$1Chicken Little“Movie coming in 2005”
2006$1CinderellaSleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
$5Goofy portraitSleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
$10Minnie portraitSleeping Beauty Castle with 1955 to 2005
2007$1ArielDisneyland “Where Dreams Come True” logo
$5Sleeping BeautyDisneyland “Where Dreams Come True” logo
$10CinderellaDisneyland “Where Dreams Come True” logo
$1Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (the overall look was different for these)The Black Pearl
$1Pirates: Dead Man’s ChestFlying Dutchman
$1Pirates: At World’s EndEmpress
2008$11930 Mickey Mouse (the overall look was different for these)Mickey’s 80th timeline
$51955 Mickey (band leader Mickey)Mickey’s 80th timeline
$10Mickey Mouse Clubhouse MickeyMickey’s 80th timeline
2009$1Mickey and Pluto with cake (all have Charles Boyer overall design now)Cinderella Castle Celebrate You logo
$5Minnie and DaisyCinderella Castle Celebrate You logo
$10Mickey, Donald, and Goofy blowing out cakeCinderella Castle Celebrate You logo
2011$1Pirates: On Stranger TidesQueen Anne’s Revenge
2013$1Dragon MaleficentAurora and Philip
$1UrsulaAriel and Eric
$1Captain HookPeter Pan and Wendy
$1Cruella Deville (error bill)Pongo, Perdita, and Pepper
2014$1Splash MountainMickey on Splash Mountain
$5Big Thunder Mountain RailroadMickey in Big Thunder car
$10Space MountainMickey on Space Mountain

If a bill had an A on it, it was created for release at Disneyland. If it had a D it was released at Walt Disney World. New bills were printed several years, but only the different designs were done as noted above. The bills were able to be purchased in the parks at ticket booths, Guest Relations of each park, in the Downtown Disney Marketplace of Walt Disney World, at hotel concierges, World of Disney stores. Besides going to the resorts and purchasing, one could order by phone or mail.

The last Disney Dollars were given out on May 14, 2016, about one year short of being in circulation for 30 years. The bills will continue to be legal tender at parks.

DisneyDollars 3

Clockwise From Left: 50th anniversary $1, 2000 celebration $1, 20th anniversary $10, $1 Mickey 65th birthday

DisneyDollars 2