Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War – Review by Mr. DAPs

Captain America: Civil WarThe war is on. When political pressure mounts for there to be oversight for the Avengers, it soon becomes clear that there are some very divided opinions on the matter within this team of super heroes. The world doesn’t wait for discussions to be had and decisions to be made. Soon, the Avengers are not only fighting the villains of the world but questioning whether their very own teammates are criminal.

Captain America: Civil War continues the track record of solid movies surrounding the first Avenger. Each movie grows on the last and this movie is no mistake. This movie really took several different storylines from previous movies and wove them together quite effectively. Three different people could watch it with one saying it is the next Captain America movie, the next say it is an Avengers movie, and the argument could even be made that this could be Iron Man 4 (which still could happen someday). All of these different plot strands weave together to make a movie that just about any fan will enjoy.

Spider-Man - Captain America: Civil WarThe heart of this movie is about justice, accountability, and friendship. Everyone has a slightly different viewpoint of what each of those are. As the Avengers struggle with their definitions, the civil war erupts. Some of the incidents that lead to this eruption lead to the introduction of new characters that were very welcome to the movie. I won’t go into details to avoid spoilers but I will say this: each introduction made complete sense and was completely welcome.

One of the new characters to join the cast of the Avengers is Spider-Man. It should be no surprise by now that Spider-Man makes an appearance in the film. The internet practically exploded when clips of his appearance surfaced. His role is both refreshing and awesome. Not only did it add a new perspective to the events going on but it also rejuvenated the Spider-Man franchise, practically from the first words spoken by Peter Parker. While many have been playing the #teamcap vs #teamironman game. Our party walked out almost unanimously cheering for #teamspiderman.

Captain America: Civil War - Team Iron ManI should also note that Black Panther was pretty awesome as well. His character development through the movie was perhaps the most interesting. This was partially because he is a new character. It was more because of the journey that he took throughout the movie.

Overall, Captain America: Civil War is a solid superhero movie. It does a very good job of setting up the conflict during the first hour of the movie. Then it builds on that conflict into the full fledged civil war that one would expect. Thankfully, everything makes sense. There is no sudden jump off the deep end into conflict. There are no moments where one questions whether a character would actually do something. Because of this, it is a movie where people will be discussing which team is right both before and after the movie. Just like in life, the truth isn’t always crystal clear. Captain America: Civil War grabs hold of this truism and applies it to many of our favorite heroes. What comes next will be very exciting to see!



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