A First-Look at Disney Parks Soarin’ Around the World

Opening this summer at Epcot is that of Soarin’ Around the World. Guests can experience the well known attraction in a brand new way. From new sights and sounds, the attraction will literally take you to some of the most well known locations of the world.

Over on Oh My Disney, the blog shared an exclusive peek of what is to come. Imagineer, Jason Grant, told the blog, “This new experience is going to take guests on an epic flight across six continents across the world. We’re going to be showing some great new destinations, like Sydney Harbor and the Great Wall of China…The best part about a lot of these destinations, is that even if you’ve been to them, you’re going to see them in a way that you’ve never seen before.”

The updated attraction video and experience is said to have taken over three years to fully develop. On top of new aerial shots, the company also worked with a brand new camera system as well as a recomposed soundtrack.

Soarin’ Around the World is also set to open at the Disneyland Resort, in addition to Soaring Over the Horizon at Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

What do you think of this first look?


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