Don’t Forget Kylo Ren – Geeks Corner – Episode 517

Geeks Corner Wall of Geek
The Geeks in front of the Wall of Geek

Welcome to a very Kylo Ren episode of Geeks Corner. No, we don’t have any undercover boss. We do have a lot to geek out about though! If you are watching at home, hit record on your computer camera and then post the link of you watching and commenting on the show in the comment section below.

This week it is time to geek out about the following topics:

  • Kylo Ren Coming to Disneyland
  • The Pope House Gets a New Home
  • Zootopia Preview in Disney California Adventure
  • Splash Mountain Mayhem
  • Labyrinth Returns
  • Aladdin Goes on Tour
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame Soundtrack
  • Hamilton

To top a very packed night off, we also feature the return of the Wall of Geek. This week, the topic is Kyle Ren. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Geeks Corner! Next week’s Wall of Geek topic is Geeky Sports, in honor of the Super Bowl. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Let’s go to the corner!