Disneyland’s Royal Theatre Welcomes Return of ‘Tangled’ Show January 15


Huzzah! Disneyland Park’s Royal Theatre is about to see a few familiar faces return. The popular Tangled stage show is set to return on January 15.

Disney Parks Blog announced on Wednesday that the show will make its way back to the park. The Tangled production was set on hiatus when the park announced a new Frozen stage would temporary take over.

On the stage of the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, the hair-raising tale of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider will once again come to life through the inimitable storytelling talents of resident Renaissance men, Messieurs Smythe and Jones. With the assistance of some fellow villagers and a little help from the audience, these lovers of legend and lore weave their version of “Tangled” with equal doses of music, whimsy, humor and heart.

Both the Tangled and Frozen show will be presented daily at The Royal Theatre. Be sure to check entertainment guides upon park arrival.

Are you ready to see the floating lanterns?

Check out our previous video of the show below.


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