‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Cast & Crew Travel Worldwide to Promote Film

Star Wars fans worldwide are getting pumped for the upcoming release of Star War: The Force Awakens. The film’s release is a mere few days away and it seems like we have been waiting for forever.

Before the film holds its world premiere on December 14 in the glamorous city of Hollywood, the cast has been traveling the world the promote the film.

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The film is expected to reel in large numbers and break box-office records. Currently, some fans of the franchise are already lining up outside theaters in the United States. Even more so, opening night tickets are being scalped on the internet for $50 and up.

With all these positive numbers forecasting a huge hit, it is still nice to see cast and crew traveling to promote the film. In the past week alone, the press tour has traveled to Mexico and South Korea, plus many more stops in the next few days.

Check out some of the photos below with the cast.


Fan event in Mexico City, Mexico:

Fan event in Seoul, South Korea:

Fan event in Sydney, Australia:

Fan event in Tokyo, Japan: