Disneyland Resort Adds Tightened Security & New Rule Regulations

Security at the Disneyland Resort just got a bit tighter. Many guests arriving to the parks on Thursday morning saw an updated and enforced bag check. In this wave of tightened security, a few more regulations have been added as well.

According to The Press Enterprise, the Disneyland Resort and other local theme parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood have begun to install metal detectors. Guests wishing to enter the parks must now go through a more thorough investigation of items. KTLA reports that metal detectors will be used on “randomly selected” guests.

Early this morning, TouringPlans shared an image of the new security update.

In addition, the Disneyland Resort has also made a few minor changes to park rules. Stated on the official Disneyland Resort website, toy guns have been banned from the parks. The ban includes “toy blasters” and “squirt guns.” (Please see image below) Also, guests ages 14 and up will not be allowed to wear costumes into the park.


California is not the only state amping up security. Over on the East coast, the Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando are also said to install metal detectors, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The article goes on the say that a man was arrested last week for trying to bring a gun into Magic Kingdom park. This case and so many other local tragedies have created the push for extra security.

Metal detectors in theme parks are not unusual. After the attack on 9/11, several Six Flags theme parks across the nation installed permanent metal detectors.

There is no word if metal detectors will stay permanent at Disney Parks.

What are your thoughts on tightened security?

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