Star Wars Rebels: Relics of the Old Republic (S2E2) – Review

Star-Wars-Rebels-Relics-of-the-Old-Republic-3-10222015I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, maybe some of you even dressed as characters from Star Wars Rebels. These reviews of Rebels are a little late, and well, it happens. This is mostly because the end of October was a little rough for me but we are here now and it’s better late than never right? Right? So, this week you will actually get three reviews of Star Wars rebels because that is how I roll. Tonight lets take a look at:


As we knew they would the Empire has tracked the crew of the Ghost to Seelos and Admiral Konstantine and Agent Kallus are all too happy to lead the charge to capture the wanton Jedi.

On Seelos, the clones have coughed up all the information they have on old Republic bases off the beaten path and Ezra armed with this data chips suggests Rex and his friends join the Rebellion. Instead, Rex wishes to delay the Empire as the rebels plan their escape from the planet’s surface.

Hera is above the planet finishing the repairs on the Ghost with Chopper when she is confronted with an Imperial Star Destroyer, she shuts down all functions to avoid being scanned and the Imperial forces instead make their way to the planet.

When confronted with the agents of the Empire, Wolfe and the other clones decide to fight with the rebels rather than concede to Kallus’s demands. The group quickly manages to take out a TIE Fighter but Kanan is still not interested in working with the clones.

A sandstorm is brewing which is preventing the crew from leaving. Kallus deploys three AT-AT walkers to pursue them. The clones are impressed with the new bit of tech but smart enough to retreat heading into the sandstorm. It blinds the AT-AT’s sensors but cant fool a Jedi’s sensors. Ezra is dispatched to take out the an AT-AT using a large cannon and the force. It is a rather moving moment. Ezra succeeds.

Admiral Konstantine is watching from the Star Destroyer about the planet and is surprised to be summoned by Lord Vader.

As the Rebels prepare to depart the planet on the Phantom, Ezra is hesitant to leave, knowing that this battle will most likely be the clone last. When it seems like Max and his friends don’t stand a chance against the Imperial walkers the Phantom swings around and Zeb, and the two Jedi commandeer one of the remaining two At-AT’s turning its weapons on Kallus’s AT-AT. The machine is destroyed and Kallus flees the wreckage.

Hera having repaired the crippled Ghost returns to retrieve the rebel party- clones included.

Once back at the Rebel base, Rex is reunited with his old friend Ahsoka. He marvels at how Ahsoka, “got old,” and the two embrace. The Lothal rebels have completed with mission.


Although this episode was called Relics of the Old Empire I could argue the episode could have been called, “Notice How Much Ezra is Like Luke Skywalker? No Really, See How They Both Do The Thing…” Not to say that this is bad for any real reason in fact this episode was really a wonderful throw back (throw forward?) to Ol’ Luke Skywalker, but maybe little heavy handed in its visual callouts. We get it, Jedi are pretty similar.

The actual fight was pretty satisfying to watching mostly because I love a good AT-AT fight. One could argue that I could watch footage of AT-AT battles continuously much like one watches sports replays. You know if that were an actual thing people had access to. Instead I just put the battle of Endor on repeat and call it a day. This animated version of a battle was just as satisfying.

In all honesty, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this episode other than it was a satisfying companion to the premiere. Plus, I got an AT-AT battle. Have I mentioned I love AT-AT battles?


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