Star Wars Rebels: Always Two There Are (S2E3) – Review

Always_Two_There_Are_thumbHere comes review two for the week in which we take a look at the Rebels episode Always Two There Are. The title is a lovely throw back to Yoda’s line in Star Wars: Episode I and the introduction to these terrifying new Inquisitors are truly something to get excited about.


Back aboard the Ghost, Kanan and Ezra have resumed Ezra’s Jedi training. Kanan has decided to end training by having Ezra levitate Chopper. Ezra attempts to lift the little droid but continues to fail. What he doesn’t know is that Sabine and Chopper are pulling a prank on the young Padawan and Chopper has his feet locked to floor. Ezra gives up in frustration only for Rex to reveal the trick. Ezra complains that the trick was unfair, Kanan imparts that a fight is never fair. Rex suggests that a great warrior combines The Force and hit wits. Kanan suggests that Ezra suffers from a lack of discipline. Before the conversation can go further, Hera enters the room with a mission of Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb, asking them to salvage medical supplies from an old Republic medical base that has since been abandoned. Not phased by the interruption Rex and Kanan revert to their previous argument, disinterested Ezra sneaks away to join the away team on their mission.

On the abandoned medical station the away team investigate but the ship appears to be dead, except the single probe droid tracking their every move. An imperial fleet picks up the power flutter and an officer reports the anomaly to Agent Kallus. Kallus brushes it off and useless but Fifth Brother the new Imperial Inquisitor working with Kallus affirms that it is the rebels and he sets out for the station.
Sabine has nearly completed the inventory of ship but is unable to determine where the medical supplies are or if they had even existed. Ezra wants to go looking for the supplies and Chopper wishes to stay to try and fix the damaged files. Alone Chopper hears a strange noise only to be electrocuted by the probe droid. He manages to send a distress call to the others.

Ezra and Sabine take a short cut in hopes of reaching Chopper quicker and Zeb gets stuck trying to follow. On their way to Chopper Ezra is stopped by a woman in the shadows. At first he mistakes her for a bounty hunter but her red lightsaber announces her to be an Inquistor, she is known as Seventh Sister.

Ezra and Seventh Sister fight while Sabine tries to take out the probe droids. Realizing they are out matched the kids try to run only to be stopped by Fifth Brother. They again attempt to flee but Ezra is captured. Seventh Sister suggests Ezra be used as bait.

Sabine having barely escaped finds Zeb who is still stuck in the ventilation short-cut after wresting him free she tells him about the Inquisitors. Zeb wants to alert Kanan but Sabine believes any outgoing communication could betray the location of the other rebels. They will have to save Ezra themselves.

Seventh Sister interrogates Ezra, but he fails to rise to the bait.

Fifth Brother continues to search for the two escaped Rebels with the probe droids. Using the Force he approaches Zeb and Sabine who have planted thermal detonators. The detonators stall and Fifth Brother uses the Force to reverse the detonators back towards Zeb and Sabine. The two survive the explosion but Sabine is knocked unconscious and dragging away by the Inquistor.

Zev on the other hand manages to defeat the probe droids and find that medical supplies they were sent to location.

Seventh Sister begins to ask Ezra about Ahsoka Tano, he tries to pretend like he doesn’t know her but Seventh Sister isn’t fooled, instead he refuses to cooperate.

Zev having found Chopper is unwilling to resign Ezra and Sabine to their fates at the hands of the Inquistors and begins to mount a rescue plan. He sends a false transmission under the name Commander Meiloorun asking why they missed their check in and questioning if they ship was damaged, offering to send help. Sabine refuses the help, but when Fifth Brother threatens her, Ezra jumps in and accepts the offer of support. He gives the “rebel commander” instructions to me at Bay Six.

The Inquistor’s drag their captives to Bay Six to await the Rebel arrival. While in the hanger Ezra and Sabine notice Zev hanging from the ceiling in the Phantom. When a probe droid also spots the ship Zeb causes a distraction which allows Ezra and Sabine to escape to the ship and the entire away party to safely escape.

Back onboard The Ghost, Ezra delivers the bad news about the two new Inquisitors to Kanan, Hera, and Rex. Kanan is left perplexed as he was not aware that there were that many Inquistors much less Jedi left.


This was a great episode but this could be solely due to the fact that at my core being it is still 1996 and I am completely obsessed with the Vampire Slayer herself Sarah Michelle Geller. It was teased last year that Geller would be joining her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. as a voice actor on Rebels but little to nothing was given away about her character. In fact, quite a few people were suggesting she play Leia based off a random Instagram photo of her in the Leia buns. Now we come to find that Geller is playing an Imperial Inquisitor named Seventh Sister and SHE… IS…AWESOME… the mechanical voice, the outfit, the sass. I love Geller’s addition to the cast and truly hope that we get to see more of Seventh Sister this season (which I suspect we will).

The episode was pretty terse and dramatic. Another example of how Rebels seems to be getting away from its “fluff episodes” of season one in favor of action sequences and stronger villains which is very important to the story telling. Finally the writers of Rebels are making use of every minute aired and there is a lot of value added to the show for it.


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