A Unique And Festive Experience At Knott’s Merry Farm

Knott’s Merry Farm certainly lives up to its name.  The park was a live the first day of its holiday offerings.  Many decorations were up and there was much entertainment for a jolly holiday.

Merry Christmas, Snoopy! Ice Show

As a tradition, the Charles M. Schulz Theater sets the stage for a captivating ice skating show.  This year was no different.  Themed around Snoopy and with scenes from It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, the show had some great numbers that had the audience excitedly watching.  One such scene had a backdrop of a forties Christmas painting of a street.  The cast had period costumes, but with grayscale hues to it.  The theme and meaning was portrayed well, that it was about people having to be away from family during the holidays, like soldiers off to war.  It was a touch, nostalgic piece.

Still, the star of the show was Snoopy.  Not only were there some fun scenes using this beloved character, but he skates very well too!  It was great to see him given some fun moves to pull off, as well as much use of him as a plot device for the show.  Not that others have been bad, but it’s nice to have more of this fuzzy guy skating.

In all, this was a great show, one of the best yet!  It wasn’t so much about the big stunts, but a holiday theme with a great Christmas message.  And it still had some great feats that impressed all who watched.

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Food – Santa’s Cabin

The main featured food area for the Christmas season is at the Wilderness Dance Hall, but for now known as Santa’s Cabin.  Inside is a chance for a picture with jolly old St. Nick.  There are also plenty of decorations to snap some photos of loved ones by.  Also featured here are some holiday treats and drinks.

I didn’t sample everything, but enough to know I will come back for more.  First was a sugar cookie pastry which was frosted with the face of Snoopy in Santa hat.  It was a sweetly delicious treat!  Also from this corner was a fruit tart that featured real and good fruit.  A coffee station offered a couple varieties of coffee, one variety being with liqueur.  But, I tasted a hot cocoa selection with marshmallows, whip cream, and peppermint shavings.  It may not have been too gourmet, but it felt like it with all the toppings and the very flavorful hot chocolate.

On the outside of the building is a beer and wine bar with some exclusive drinks.  One usual is the great tasting Boysenberry Beer, but I tasted a seasonal Mint Chocolate Porter.  This sometimes heavy beer was surprisingly a good amount with a great taste.  Once back inside I sampled some roasted cashews that had the right mixture of salt and sweet flavor.  Lastly, a wonderful chocolate cookie and cup of egg nog finished out the treat sampling time.

The combined offerings and atmosphere made this a great place to hang out and enjoy the holiday time.  It felt like a country Christmas with homemade delights.

Camp Snoopy and Christmas Time Is Here, Charlie Brown

Camp Snoopy has some decorations up to fill this family area of the park.  Wreaths and holiday garland are placed around the pathways.  Santa Snoopy is at his dog house to greet people and get a photo taken.  Over at the Camps Snoopy Theatre is the show Christmas Time Is Here, Charlie Brown.  Charlie, Linus, and Lucy are joined by a more human host to sing a few carols and help Lucy understand what the true meaning of Christmas is.

The show was a cute rendition of some classic holiday tunes.  It was a nice way to feature great characters, but also help kids understand the true meaning of Christmas.  There was even an interactive element where kids could join in playing jingle bells with the cast.  Having Snoopy be a mischievous Santa made a great comedic element to the whole show.  Overall, a delight to watch.

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https://youtu.be/u7IYTi0zZR0Ghost Town

This historic part of Knott’s Berry Farm was the most festive out of the whole park.  Much of the decorations filled this western town.  Lanterns hang from trees.  Garland is draped across the balconies.  Wreaths hang over doorways.  And snow falls at night. Yes, a wonderful small light show with the finale being snow falling happens every night several times for guests to enjoy.  It’s a nice ambiance to the town, and makes a little wintery scene for a California park.

Christmas Craft Village features many artisans and some great souvenirs.  A wood carver has many statues for sale.  Other shops have Christmas hangings to decorate homes.

Another delight is a quartet of bell ringing carolers known as the Calico Carolers embark on the street at periodic times.  The group has some great fancy western attire to bring a period atmosphere to their locations.  The bell ringing is spot on to provide winter melodies for listeners.  A nice long set captivates families as the listen to wonderful singing of Christmas carols.  I love that they are in different spots throughout the day, so it feels like a real roaming carol troop.

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What I Didn’t Do

There was a lot I did not experience.  This was not for lack of time.  I was at the park from noon to 8:30 at night.  There is just so much to see and do during the Christmas season at Knott’s that I’d say it’s worth another day.  There’s a tree lighting in Calico Square.  There’s a special ride aboard the train.  There are plenty of rides.  There’s two different shows in the Birdcage Theater.  And, let’s not forget Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies!  There is so much to experience and with the holiday ambiance it makes it that much more special.  It has a magic to it that warms all during the wintery time.  It’s a unique experience that has me coming back every time.  It’s worth not just one, but even two days to explore and enjoy.

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