Disneyland Resort’s Pizza Port Offers Up a Taste of Endor

Light-speed to Pizza Port! Now that Season of the Force is upon us here at the Disneyland Resort, there is plenty more to explore than just characters and attractions. With this new special event also comes new special food. Both Pizza Port and the Galactic Grill (Tomorrowland Terrace) have turned to the Force.

In the case of the Galactic Grill, I was a bit underwhelmed by the “new” menu. Personally to me it looks like all they did was change the names of previous menu items. The vegetarian option at location is the Wicket’s Wicked Veggie Sandwich. In a previous article here on DAPs Magic, I shared the Portobello & Vegetable Sandwich, same exact menu item noted above. You can check out that post here. It’s a pretty fresh tasting menu item.

On that note, there is an actual brand new food item you can check out. In between Hyperspace Mountain and the Star Wars Launch Bay is that of Pizza Port. Here guests can select from pizza, salad and pasta. It is also now home to the Forest of Endor. If the Ewoks eat this kind of stuff, I am totally going to buy it.


This meal is vegetarian and to me is now the best tasting pasta in the parks. No joke, I was a bit skeptical in trying this menu item as I previously read many negative reviews on it. All preset notions aside, I had to try it.

When ordering this item, the chef made a brand new batch. With about a five-minute wait, he sautéed a lovely array of vegetables, tossed in freshly boiled noodles and added a dash of cheese. I’m sure Wicket W. Warrick would have approved.


The Forest of Endor was perfect in every way. The seasoning was just right, the vegetables were soft and even the noodles had a fun/odd shape. About half way through the meal I was already full. For $10.99 a plate, that’s a deal. I was thrilled by the variety of ingredients in the pasta and would most definitely order it again. My favorite part was the broccolini, as it reminded me of eating trees!

Pizza Port also offers fun souvenir cups like this little BB-8 below. Get them while supplies last!

Photo Credit: Kayley Hamilton
Photo Credit: Kayley Hamilton

Other fun new menu items at Pizza Port (not all vegetarian) that coincide with Season of the Force include the Dark Side Chicken Curry Specialty Pizza, The Fields of Naboo Salad,  BB-8 Droid Crisped Rice Treat, Chewbacca Cheesecake and the Darth by Chocolate parfait.

If you have any further questions about vegetarian dining at the Disneyland Resort, feel free to call Disney Dining at (714) 781-3463 or email Special.Diets@disneyland.com. Also, if you would like to view the menu of Pizza Port, please click here.

Be sure to stay tuned to DAPs Magic as I venture through the Disneyland Resort tasting other delicious vegetarian options. You never know what may appear on my plate next.

Hope you enjoyed this meal recap. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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