Colortopia – A New Colorful Experience At Epcot

Epcot’s Innoventions has a new exhibit that opened on November 13.  Colortopia presented by Glidden takes guests through a color adventure.  Ty Burrell serves as host for the area and takes you through how color affects us.

The first stop is the Power of Color.  Inside are blank walls in a cylindrical fashion.  Above are lights that will obviously color the walls.  As Burrell begins the narration, he points out how we react to color in different ways.  As we go through the spectrum, the walls are illuminated with the appropriate color.  It was rather interesting to sense a different reaction to each color, and how it changed the atmosphere of the room.

From there is a small play area with color.  On the wall are some color spinners that demonstrate how mixing works.  It was fun to watch as the wheels tricked my eye into seeing different colors than what was on them.  The other part of this area was a game called Color Mix N’ Match.  Players compete with each other for who can match the color to the poles in the middle the fastest.  Using only RGB sliders, the fastest hands get the points.  The first colors are somewhat easy, but it gets harder to match the exact colors.

Colortopia 5The last part of Colortopia is Color Your World, a highly interactive experience.  Guests are given special paint brushes that will paint some virtual murals.  The brush tips are illuminated through fibers, and change color at whim (well, at whim for the game).  Everyone is taken into a room with two types of pictures along all the walls.  There are several items to paint within the picture.  Cans in the middle serve as the paint for coloring.  As you dip the brush into the can, the bristles change color to match.  Then, you can “paint” the items which causes them to come alive.  You can paint over different parts and something different will occur.  It’s fun to see what will appear with what color.

Colortopia is a light exhibit that has great entertainment value for Innoventions.  It’s nice to have a couple of interactive elements without it being a game.  The painting was odd at first, but was something that many got into as discoveries were made.  The area is simple, but a great stop.  There’s an app that is downloadable at any time, and interacts with the exhibit.  The murals are downloadable to paint on, and walking around World Showcase unlocks some color palettes.

Overall, Colortopia is educational and entertaining.  I’m glad I stopped by, and it should be something fun for families.

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