Lucasfilm Logo

Disney now owns Lucasfilm. With this new ownership, it seems that there has been a return to things that made the original series so great. Physical effects will be back as will characters in real costumes as opposed to just a digital puppet. A real effort is being made to create things that are real.  However, not everything will be returning. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in December there will be something missing from the beginning. Unlike all the previous Star Wars films, this time there will not be the 20th Century Fox fanfare opening up the movie with the Fox logo.

It also will not have the Disney intro/logo appearing in front of the movie.

Instead, the new Lucasfilm logo will be leading fans into Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This was confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger on a recent Skype conversation with 500 college students. It continues the precedent that was set for the Marvel films, which also do not show the Disney logo/introduction either.

What do you think of this new introduction to a new generation of Star Wars films? The original 20th Century Fox logo will not ever be removed from the original Star Wars film as Fox still retains the rights. However, for the rest of the movies this will be the new introduction. One thing is for sure, whatever people think,  a galaxy of theaters will be cheering (or roaring) with excitement when this fanfare plays in December!