Agents of SHIELD - A Wanted (Inhu)man

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Wanted (Inhu)man (S3E3) – Review

Agents of SHIELD - A Wanted (Inhu)manJust when we thought that things were looking up for our Agents of SHIELD (after all we managed to get Simmons back) things once again take a dire turn for our band of merry spies. The ATCU are back in hot pursuit of all Inhumans including Lincoln and Daisy may become a casualty of their cause.


Lincoln is an Inhuman on the run as he is doggedly pursued by the ATCU task through a field. Just when it appears that Lincoln doesn’t have a shot, he has the luck of running into a couple of power transformers where uses his powers to create a variable electric fence out of the power lines which rain down sparks of electricity on his pursuers, allowing him to narrowly avoid capture. 

Meanwhile, back at SHIELD it is very apparent that Simmons is having a lot of difficulty adjusting to being back on Earth after months on an alien planet. The rest of SHIELD are concerned about her mental and physical health.  At the moment though, Lincoln’s safety is a pressing matter. 

Lincoln is still on the run and the ATCU has now released his photo to the press. Daisy explains that finding Lincoln needs to be top priority. Suppose it is a good thing that Mac placed a tracker on him during their last encounter. Daisy pleads with Lincoln to allow her to pick him up. This just sends Lincoln spiraling further. 

Hunter and May have gone under cover in an attempt to infiltrate Hydra to get closer to Ward. Hunter contacts an old friend with the enviable name of Spud who has had past affiliation with Hydra. Spud confirms that he can help them get into contact with Hydra but only if Hunter can prove himself as a fighter.

Agents of SHIELD - A Wanted (Inhu)manBack at Shield Fitz has decided to walk Simmons around the lab hoping that the familiar sights will help her fall back into her old life, but being back in the lab is jarring and the noises, sounds, and oddities of Earth are quickly too much for Simmons. She soon asks to be returned to her room.

In a rare quiet moment Hunter and May are discussing the upcoming fight. May suggests that she fight in Hunter’s stead as she is the better candidate. However, Hunter thinking that a tiny Asian woman knocking heads may raise a few eyebrows and blow their cover. May begrudgingly agrees. The two have a brief conversation about being a spy and trying to have a personal life and it is shared that May did not leave Andrew. That it was actually Andrew who ended their marriage.

In desperation Hunter calls an old friend named John who quickly asks him if he has been drinking alluding to the fact that Hunter probably had addiction problems in the past. Hunter admits that he had had no more than two and instead called John for help, as John was the only person he trusted at the moment.

The two have a heart to heart and Lincoln admits to John that he is in a little trouble and wants to buy John’s car from him. While letting Lincoln rest John sees one of the news broadcasts claiming Lincoln an alien threat.

The ATCU at the time are spinning their wheels unable to get a fix on Lincoln’s whereabouts much to Rosalind’s chagrin. It even leads her to ask if disappearing it one of Lincoln’s powers. The conversation is quickly interrupted by a call from the President that actually turns out to be Coulson on a pirated feed. Coulson suggests that the ATCU and SHIELD meet on neutral ground. Rosalind’s right hand informs her that they have discovered Lincoln’s location and with a lovely bit of smugness Rosalind agrees to meet.

Daisy visits Simmons bringing an offering of daisies (very appropriate). Simmons requests to know about the terrigan spread. 

Lincoln confronts John and discovers his betrayal. During their confrontation Lincoln accidently kills his friend while trying to disarm him. Finally out of options Lincoln calls Daisy.

Daisy and Mac go to extract Lincoln while Coulson goes to meet Rosalind.

Hunter and May make an appearance at the underground fight ring and it becomes apparent that Hunter is fighting Spud. Which is a bad day for Hunter given the guy has minimum 70 pounds on him. Hunter is shocked at being matched against his supposed mate. Turns out Spud isn’t a fan of Hunter and proceeds to beat the daylights out of him. Meanwhile, a gentleman that could only be described as ‘Gigantor’ and he and his two buds make the unfortunate decision to harass May. Our lady May quickly dispenses with her would be assaulters and returns to the fight where Hunter is little more than a bloody mess. Hunter, at a moment of panic decides to cheat, striking out at Spud with brass knuckles. It leads to Spud’s demise.

Coulson knows that Rosalind is holding on to information about Daisy and he is willing to make a deal to keep Daisy out of the public eye and off the ATCU radar. Rosalind informs Coulson that he knows what she wants.

Daisy is trying to talk Lincoln off a metaphorical cliff. He believes that he is a monster and that he is cursed. Daisy disagrees citing how Lincoln had helped her through the dark when she first gained her powers and the two share a tender moment. A moment that is interrupted by Mac and an ATCU taskforce, Mac begrudgingly informs the Inhumans that Couslon is ordering Lincoln be turned over. Needless to say, Daisy does not agree. Mac states that there wasn’t a choice. So, Lincoln decides to act and fries the closest soldiers and runs.  The ATCU decide to take Daisy in Lincoln’s stead, as Rosalind needs “results.” Coulson offers her something in trade and the ATCU stands down.

Fitz decides to take Simmons to a nice dinner in a restaurant he rented out in attempt to rebuild their relationship and comfort Simmons. It is a tender moment and Simmons finally cracks, breaking down into a fit of tears. Fitz comforts her. 

It turns out that the something Coulson offered to Rosalind was himself, his expertise. Daisy isn’t happy about the situation but can’t argue with Coulson’s rationale.

Hunter is lead into a room having accomplished his goal and meets with Ward’s right hand who explains that the new leader of Hydra only respects people who can stand up for themselves. Hunter is counting on that.

Bobbi is working out her frustration in the gym, literally, and upon completion she walks past the lab to see Simmons pouring over the former pieces of the portal that whisked her away to another planet. Bobbi tries to remove Simmons from the room assuring her that the rocks were inert and that she was safe, the rocks couldn’t hurt her again. This sends Simmons into a fury she begins rambling about how the rocks might still have power and that she needed to get back.


So, in all honesty I do not even know where to begin on this episode other than saying wow, gee, and woah.

There was a lot of information, character development, and all around craziness in this episode.

I feel like the real focus of this episode was on the delicate nature of self. Every single member of SHIELD seems to be going through an identity crisis of sorts. Skye has now become Daisy; Lincoln is devolving, Simmons adjusting to life on Earth, Bobbi dealing with her injuries, etc… etc… Aliens may be the word on everyone’s lips but humanity is the focus of this episode of SHIELD. 

I had a lot of feelings in relation to Simmons’ plight. All too often, in a superhero show people pop on and off different planets, different dimensions, and dire situations with absolutely no effect. Which is crazy, I hate to tell you but Star Trek lies. So, to see Simmons have physical, emotional reaction to being stranding on another planet is rather refreshing. The real question is why does Simons needs to get back to the *coughbluesideofthemoon*? I am sure time will tell soon.

Also Fitz is quickly proving his mettle once again as the most compassionate and intuitive character on the show. The scene in the restaurant left me with all the feels.  

Agents of SHIELD - A Wanted (Inhu)manOn a lighter note can we just take a minute to respect Hunter’s disguise, the hair, the trackie suit, and the drunken slang? It was one of the most delightful moments of television for me.  I am honestly still stuck on the hair. Delightful hair.

May and Hunter may turn out to be the most delightful power duo we never knew we wanted.

All and all this season may be the actual season of reflection that last season intended to be. I am thrilled to keep watching what unfolds on this season of SHIELD.

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