VIDEO: « Nephtali » by Glen Keane


Inspiration can come from anywhere, let alone the pure sight of a ballerina gracefully dancing across a studio floor. With such grace and elegance, movements appear fluid as ever. To capture a thing of such beauty, Disney legend and animator, Glen Keane displays his talents.

This little clip below demonstrates how animators use inspiration from real life and play it into their art. Titled “Nephtali,” viewers can get a little glimpse of how art in the real world is transformed into art on paper.

In “Nephtali,” Glen Keane uses both film and drawing in order to depict the journey of a ballerina that is drawn towards a higher power.

Keane is mostly known for his work on Disney animated projects such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Paperman and so much more.

Check out this clip below as his art is brought to life.

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