Disney Invests Money in a Virtual Reality Company

The future is here! In recent news, seems like more virtual reality options are in the cards for The Walt Disney Company.

According to a report from CNET, the Disney company and a few others have invested about $65 million to Jaunt. Jaunt is a company that is known for making cameras that are equipt to create and shoot videos in a 360 degree format.

All told, the startup, which makes hardware and software for virtual reality, has now raised more than $100 million since it was founded two years ago. The company says that makes it the best-funded player in the emerging field of “cinematic” virtual reality.

Jaunt will use the influx of cash to “greatly increase production” and advance its camera hardware and software tools, the company said in a press release.

Most likely, this means that Disney will want to create a whole new way of watching and creating movies; virtual reality.

It’s not just Disney that is on board with virtual reality. The article also goes on to say that other companies such as Sony, Google and even Facebook are on this new trend wave.

Trying to picture a Disney film in a 360 degree setting does sound pretty awesome. We will just have to wait and see how things pan out.

What are your thought on Disney investing money in creating virtual reality projects?