A Whole New World of the Force - Geeks Corner - Episode 452

A Whole New World of the Force – Geeks Corner – Episode 452

Welcome to the final episode of season four of Geeks Corner! This week the episode focuses on Star Warschanges coming to Disneyland, Aladdin, Amanda Jane Designs, and a 4 Seasons of Geeks Corner Quiz.

This week we are honored to have Amanda join us from Amanda Jane Designshonor us with her presence. As always, join the conversation either in the comments below or on twitter with the hashtag #GeeksCorner.

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Aladdin Giveaway

DAPs Magic and Geeks Corner is giving away to digital copies of the Aladdin Diamond Edition release. If you would like to win one of these two copies please share your favorite quote from Disney’s Aladdin in the facebook comments section below. Then, share this post on your facebook! We will be picking two people who have done both of these things to win a digital copy of Disney’s Aladdin Diamond Edition.

More information about Aladdin Diamond Edition can be found here: http://www.dapsmagic.com/2015/09/28/diamond-edition-aladdin-to-sparkle-digitally-and-on-blu-ray/

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Geeks Corner! We look forward to starting our 5th season with you next week!

Let’s go to the corner!