Information on Disneyland Resort’s Property Donation Program, Mickey’s Attic

Did you know that the Disneyland Resort has a property donation program? It is in fact live and well. This program supports local nonprofit organizations in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino County.

The program called “Mickey’s Attic,” donates items to charitable organizations. Items such as “imperfect retail merchandise, retired sound or lighting equipment, surplus paint and building materials, and more” are provided in this service.

Mickeys Attic

If you know an organization that would like to take part in this program, please submit an application via the Disneyland Resort Public Affairs website. When an organization becomes approved to take part in “Mickey’s Attic” and an item becomes available, an email will be sent. The donated items will be issued out on a first response basis from all parties that were emailed.

Below is a list of requirements involved in accepting an item.

  • Items must be used to directly benefit the clients served by the organization. Depending on the nature of the item, it can either be given to clients for personal use or utilized by the organization at its offices or event venues. These items are not intended for resale or to generate profit for individuals or the organization.

  • Items must be picked up from the Disneyland Resort within three days of notification. The community organization is responsible for providing a vehicle to transport the donated items. If you claim an item and do not pick it up, you can be removed from the program.

  • The “Waiver and Release” form must be completed by the organization and faxed to the Resort prior to picking up the donated items.

  • Item descriptions and/or digital photos (if available) will be provided in the e-mail notifications. We cannot accommodate pre-inspection of the items. Organizations must take receipt of all items outlined in the original e-mail.

Nonprofit organizations that would like to apply for “Mickey’s Attic” can do so my clicking here.

This is just one of the many ways the Disneyland Resort gives back to the community.

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