Disneyland 60th Countdown – The One Before the 60th

DLand59 5As we continue the Disneyland 60th countdown for getting to July 17, 2015, we look at last year’s anniversary day.

This momentous 59th occasion seemed like it would maybe be the same as other years, but something was presented that would set up for this year.  We all knew it was going to be the one before the 60th (we can do math).  Questions of what was being set up for the 60th were swirling in many people’s minds.

The great ceremony to mark the 59th anniversary started with a sing-along of many beloved Disneyland songs.  Characters paraded out to the train station, and the mayor of Main Street helped lead the birthday festivities.  BUT, the real reason for having such a great presentation?  The logo for the diamond anniversary, the 60th, was shown to all.  Some guests were even escorted into the Opera House for a special party showing more about the 60th.

Below are links to our coverage of that day and some pictures.  Keep checking here as we continue the countdown and cover this year’s actual 60th anniversary!

59th Anniversary Recap

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