Disneyland 60th Countdown – 44th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

DLand44 7Kicking off a countdown to bring us to Disneyland’s official 60th anniversary, we present the 44th anniversary!  Yes!  That epic 44th annivers…..wait, 44th?

Disneyland is known for celebrating its actual anniversary day with a little something each year.  I love pointing this one out not just because of its obscurity, but also for the great event it actually was.

I got to be there on the day and there was a scavenger hunt of sorts that was set up in the first Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square.  Here there was a chance to purchase a “passport” and pin that accompanied it.  From there, guests traveled to the Disneyland mountains to get the passport stamped.  If there was a stamp with each, you return to the Disney Gallery to get another pin!

Also that day there was a small pin celebration for the anniversaries of a few attractions.  The reason why the mountains were picked were because of their anniversaries that year.  Big Thunder Mountain celebrated its 20th anniversary.  Splash Mountain was having its 10th anniversary.  Matterhorn, the first of them all, had its 40th anniversary.

So, as obscure as the 44th may seem, there were things to celebrate at the park.  In all it was a great, and fun experience to have, especially as a teen who loved the coasters.  It was great entertainment to go around trying to get all the stamps.  And, it was a wonderful prize to have a special pin for the occasion.

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