Disney Set to Make ‘Maleficent’ Sequel

Announced on Deadline, Disney is set to work on a second Maleficent film. Accoring to the article, Linda Woolverton has been hired to write the script and the company would also like to have Angelina Jolie reprise in her role as the leading character, Maleficent.

It is not for certain if she would return in the second film. She has in the past not returned for her roles in sequels such as Salt or Wanted.


Currently, producer Joe Roth is on board for the project. There is yet to be confirmation if Robert Stromberg would return. Stromberg was the film’s designer.

Maleficent grossed a total of $760 million worldwide. Stay tuned for more details on the story as they break.

What is your take on a second film?


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