Disney’s Animal Kingdom Starbucks Now Open

The last of the Walt Disney World Starbucks has opened today.  Creature Comforts, a former shop, has now reopened as a Starbucks.  Inside is a very nice Africa inspired theme with camouflage paint scheme and several pottery and other decorations on the wall.  The most interesting thing to note about the new eatery is the way they deal with straws.  In Animal Kingdom straws have not been allowed, but to fully enjoy a Starbucks drink a straw must be had.  The solution?  A special green paper straw has been made (check out the Instagram @dapsmagic for a picture).  It’s a great solution that works for both man and animal!  Mugs and pastries are also available, especially the much coveted Disney You Are Here series mugs.

I liked the styling and ambience of the inside.  It fit well with Animal Kingdom, yet had a lot of elegance to it.  The outside was also tasteful as the Starbucks sign looks hand carved and doesn’t stand out too much.  In all it is a worthy coffee cafe inside the park, fitting both the idea of blending with the environment and being a unique experience.