Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse host World of Color - Celebrate! World Premiere

World of Color – Celebrate World Premiere Explodes With Color and Memories with Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse

Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse were on hand to introduce World of Color – Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney to media and invited guests to the beginning of the Disneyland Resort’s kickoff for its 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration.

The event began with a reception for media and honored guests that included the music of Five & Dime, fantastic food, and a preview of the return of Mad T Party. Several characters were dressed in their best as well to meet and pose with. Following the reception, guests were ushered over to the viewing area for World of Color. The event began with the Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Bob Chapek welcoming everyone. He then proceeded to welcome Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse. Harris shared about his history and connection with Disney with Mickey chiming in here and there. The ceremony was brief and was followed by a brief pause before World of Color – Celebrate! began.

World of Color – Celebrate is an explosion of colors and memories both new and old. The show began with Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse who were very enjoyable to watch together. They started things off and soon the show was reminding all in attendance that it really was all started by a mouse as scenes of Mickey Mouse were displayed with the beautiful pageantry of water and music accompanying them.

The show then moved into a collection of memories of movies from the days of Walt Disney up to the present. There were quite a few favorite moments from many different movies that floated through this section. It also included a video of Walt Disney.

The third major section of World of Color – Celebrate! took a trip through Disneyland memory lane. It began with footage from the opening day of Disneyland and then took a tour through many favorite attractions. This included Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, Jungle Cruise and the Matterhorn.

The final part of World of Color – Celebrate looked forward. This included Star Wars battles, Marvel nods, some Pixar moments, and a whole lot more. Where other parts of the show might bring out the nostalgic feelings, this part will bring out the inner geek. There was really a lot going on here.

World of Color – Celebrate has something for just about everyone. There is new, there is old. There is animated, there is live action. There are some awesome special effects along with some classics fountains that are simple yet beautiful. The show moves along at a nice pace. It is definitely one that will need to be watched multiple times just to catch everything. It is a nice step forward for the show and is a perfect celebration of Disneyland, and all of Disney. Definitely take the time to get a Fastpass for this show during your next visit to Disney California Adventure.