How to Survive Disneyland Resort's 24-Hour EventFor those that are brave enough to partake in a full 24-hour day at the Disneyland Resort, best of luck! Not only will your day be great but it will be one for the books. Having attended two 24-hour day events at the Disneyland Resort, I know that there will be both good and bad parts throughout the day. So in order to prepare for the upcoming Disneyland Resorts Diamond Celebration kick-off on May 22, I would like to share a few tips with you.

  • Listen to Directions

First off, if you do plan on camping out, please listen to what Disney security and cast members tell you to do. This is for your safety and also, it will help make your night a bit easier. The lines will be moving to different locations through the evening and to ensure things go as planned, it is best to listen to all instructions that are being given. The same goes for shows and parades that will be occurring during the event.

  • Pack ONLY What You Need

Next, I would say, what ever you pack, be sure it is in a bag that you are comfortable in carrying around all day. During my first 24-hour day, I thought to pack up my large school backpack and fill it to the top with things I thought I needed. Well I was wrong and ending up kicking myself the whole time for bringing such a burden on my back. The next 24-hour event I attended, I brought a smaller backpack and only packed the essentials. This made the day easier for me and saved my back.

As for the contents in your bag, first off, pack lightly if possible. Some of the items that I personally would bring are that of a refillable water bottle, sunscreen, snacks (GoPicnics are my favorite), extra socks, a small blanket, a disposable toothbrush and if it is hot, a dry shampoo in powder form.

  • Eat Right & Moderately Plan Your Day

As for sources of energy, if you take a multi- vitamin daily, I recommend you take your daily dose. In addition, maybe a Five Hour Energy as a last resort. But to stray away from fatigue, keep away from sugary substances, drink plenty of water and take breaks. Remember that you have 24-hours to do the things you want to do. Did I already mention drink plenty of water? Please keep this in mind as dehydration is no fun and it can really put a damper on the day.

Your day should not be filled with rushing around but instead, take in the sights and sounds.  Planning out your day is key to make sure you have achieved the things you wanted to do. Maybe take note of what you want to do and share with the rest of your party. Here this will give you a chance to compromise on what the day should entail.

  • You Can Head Home Anytime

If you happen to need a quick snooze, I would suggest one on an attraction such as Pirates of the Caribbean, ‘it’s a Small World’ or on the train. Please do not fall asleep in places of dining locations that are expecting many guests or areas of high traffic. Disney security may wake you up to make sure that you do not need medical attention or you might be resting in a location that is not recommended. Also, if you are tired, remember that you can leave the park at anytime. There is nothing worse than an exhausted person driving home.

  • Bring Your Own Charging Devices 

Yes, Instagraming and capturing every moment of your day is key to sharing with the world all the fun you are having. But, this also means that your phone, camera and other electrical device’s battery will be drained in mere hours. If you plan on using your devices within the 24 plus hour span on resort property, I would suggest buying and bringing an external battery. These types of batteries can be found at places like Target or Best Buy. If you do bring a charging device, you might want to bring more than one charging cord. If you do not want to bring your own charging device, the lockers in Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park will have specific lockers just to charge your devices.

As for plugging in your devices into any charging outlet you see in the parks, DO NOT DO THAT. First off this is a safety issue. You will more than likely be charging your phone in an area that blocks walkways. Second, the electrical charge that is running through those outlets might not be the same amount of charge you would expect in your own home. This may damage your device and possibly fry your phone.

  • Have Fun

The most important thing to do in order to survive a 24-hour day at the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort is to have fun. It will be crowded and the weather might not be as ideal as you would like, but remember it’s about the memories that you will be making. Make the best of your magical day.

Do you have any advice you would like to share with others in regards to surviving a full 24-hours at the Disneyland Resort?