Disney’s Live Action ‘Cinderella’ Makes $500 Million Worldwide


With the great success of Disney’s live action film ‘Cinderella,’ since its debut on March 13, new numbers are reporting triumphant grossing income. On Tuesday, the film passed $500 million in sales, worldwide.

In addition to the high ranking global income, the film is the third highest domestic grossing film in the nation for 2015. As for a domestic income, the film as passed over $195 million.


During its first international release on April 25 in Japan, the film has so far stayed at number one and according to a press release, “the biggest opening day and weekend of the year for a Western release.” The film has also opened in many other countries including Mexico, Australia, the U.K., Italy, China and more. Each reeling in high amounts of sales.

Congratulations to film as well as to all those and their hard work.

Did you enjoy seeing ‘Cinderella’ in theaters?

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