New Marvel’s Avengers Themed RIDEZ Coming to RIDEMAKERZ!

Marvel and RC car fans will be delighted to learn that RIDEMAKERZ is expanding its live of marvel RIDEZ. Beginning on April 24th, R/C builders/drivers will be able to assemble their own Avengers Corvette or Hulk Blitz. Each of these vehicles may be purchased and assembled for $35. They are the newest Marvel additions to a line that already includes RIDEZ based on Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man.

There is also the opportunity to win both of these cars through a sweepstakes that is currently being hosted by RIDEMAKERZ.  The winner would get both the cars and R/C, a $120 value. The sweepstakes is running from April 14 – May 3, 2015. To enter, visit this link: 

What do you think of these new additions to RIDEMAKERZ? Will you get one? Which one is your favorite?



New Avengers-Themed RIDEZ Ready to Assemble at RIDEMAKERZ® Shops on April 24th  

Falls Church, VA April 14, 2015 – RIDEMAKERZ, the retailer that offers kids and adults the unique experience of building and customizing their own 1:18 scale car or “RIDE,” is adding two (2) Marvel licensed RIDEZ to its collection. The Avengers Corvette and Hulk Blitz will join the ranks of character favorites such as Lightning McQueen, Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man. The RIDEZ are currently available for presale at and will be available at RIDEMAKERZ Shop locations on April 24th.

With over 649 million possible combinations for consumers to customize or “trick-out” their RIDEZ, the customizable options include colored rims and tires, light-up accessories, engines, spoilers and decals. All RIDEZ are easy to assemble and can be converted into fully functional radio controlled cars for extra superhero action.

“RIDEMAKERZ has created a successful line of superhero RIDEZ and we are thrilled to add the Avengers Corvette & Hulk Blitz. We are excited to offer consumers the ability to transform these familiar superheroes into unique creations with endless play value.” Matt Elhadad, Vice President Retail Operations, RIDEMAKERZ


This Chevrolet Corvette features an Avengers-themed design, which includes Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor.  It comes ready to assemble with a freewheel street chassis, 4 stock tires, 4 stock rims, working lights and sounds.


This RZ Blitz RIDE includes a Hulk-themed body featuring his famous catch phrase “SMASH!”, a freewheel street chassis, 4 stock tires,  4 stock rims, working lights  and sounds. 

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RIDEMAKERZ is also hosting a sweepstakes for the opportunity to win the two new rides with R/C ($120 value). The sweepstakes runs from 4/14 to 5/3.

Entry Link:


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