Kermit the Frog

Meet Kermit the Frog’s Lookalike

Over the past few days, the internet has been buzzing on the recent discovery of a new frog. Yes, it is exciting that a new specific of frog has been found in Costa Rica, but even more so, its doppelganger is that of a Muppet character. To be more exact, Kermit the Frog.

(Photo courtesy of Brian Kubicki/Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center)

According to Discovery, the frog species is named Hyalinobatrachium dianae. The species is one of the 13 types of glass frogs in that location. They have been labeled glass frogs due to the fact that their internal organs are visible. In addition, the article goes on to say that it “sounds more like an insect than most other frogs.” Besides those very interesting details, Kermit the Frog had his very own opinion on the recent discovery.

Kermit made a special appearance on ABC’s “The View” to share his thoughts. Check out the clip below to see what he had to say.

Do you see a resemblance between the two?

If you would like further information on the new species of frog, please click here to read the full Discovery article.


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