High Tech Love Explored in Artoo In Love

Artoo in Love

Let’s face it, love isn’t easy… especially if you are one of the most famous and outspoken droids in the universe. That’s right, I’m talking about Star Wars’ R2-D2 and his quest for love.  This amorous quest takes place on the beautiful streets of San Francisco as the beloved astro mech struggles with his romantic endeavors. All of this takes place in a short entitled Artoo in Love.

On ArtooInLove.com, the origins of this unique short are shared by the team who says,

A love for Star Wars, technology, and film making brought together a group of friends who wanted to create a film that brought joy to its viewers and showed their favorite character in the spotlight. San Francisco and Berkeley provide the perfect backdrop for this love story and are now officially Artoo’s stomping grounds.


Artoo In Love is a short film that follows our intrepid, droid-hero R2-D2 as he tries to find love in this galaxy.

Artoo is joined by an adorable cast of his droid friends, as well as some of his enemies…

Artoo in Love was written and directed by Evan Atherton. He also co-edited the short. A full list of the team that made this film possible can be found on artooinlove.com.

So what do you think?

I personally found this short to be quirky and adorable. It is much like one could imagine a love story happening for R2-D2. I thought the use of San Francisco was tasteful and also fun. The music fit in as well, although I found myself wishing there weren’t copyright laws that prohibited the use of some of the Star Wars themes. That being said it is quirky and completely fits the personality of the short. And then there is Artoo himself… Excellent job sir. Once again R2-D2 has shown that he should have leading droid status. Perhaps Disney and Lucasfilm should consider a stand-alone film for him in the future? C-3P0 might have something to say about that… Overall, Artoo in Love is a creative and enjoyable short that I was happy to discover and happy to share.

What did you think?

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