Dates and Droids Dominate Day Two of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Day Two of Star Wars Celebration began with a photoshoot. Walking up to the Anaheim Convention Center the amount of people in costumes had significantly increased from Day One. Pictures were being taken anywhere that could be considered remotely interesting to a photographer or characters who had friends with iPhones.

The big panel of the morning was Star Wars Battlefront – An Intergalactic Debut. People poured up to the third floor for the debut of this new video game.

I made my way down the hall to check out Bryan Young: Star Wars Journalism. In an effort to constantly better this website, it seemed like a logical place for me to go and learn something. This panel of Star Wars journalists definitely did have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to bring to the table (literally). I walked away from the panel with new ideas and also validation that we are heading in the right direction.

By the time the Star Wars Journalism panel had ended, Annie and Murray had arrived and were down in the main hall. We didn’t have a ton of time to enjoy the sights and costumes found on the hall floor but we did get to see Darth Vader pitted against Dark Helmet. Let’s just say the result of the battle (!?) was not a surprise at all.

A highlight for Day Two definitely had to be Date with a Princess: Carrie Fisher (and her dog Gary). Beforehand, there was a dance party with Storm Troopers and a Princess Leia fashion show before the event got going. During this nearly hour-long presentation Carrie Fisher avoided giving away any spoilers about Star Wars: The Force Awakens while thoroughly winning over the hearts of the fans in the process. Interestingly enough, they didn’t even show her the trailer that was shown at the beginning of Star Wars Celebration until the night before. She also shared some set stories from the original Star Wars trilogy, including a humorous story about Eric Idle, the Rolling Stones, and filming in the Cloud City for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The ‘date’ ended with a Q&A session where Carrie Fisher answered questions from the crowd. There really weren’t any over the top interesting questions or answer but the interactions with the people asking the questions were priceless. Fisher clearly loves her fans (even made out with one of them who asked for a picture) and charmed everyone in the room.

Following the Date with a Princess: Carrie Fisher, it was time to show Annie some of the fun things to be found at Star Wars Celebration (she was not there on Thursday). This meant checking out some of the exhibits, returning to see the Droid Builders Room and R2D2 Builders’ Display again and marveling again at the various amazing costumes that we came across.

The day for us ended with the Droid Races down in the main hall. This was absolutely hilarious. It was a bunch of R2-D2 droids (and others) that raced against each other. Throughout the entire weekend, they were racing daily with eliminations to work their way to the winning droid. The races began with a special race between R2-D2 and Chopper from Star Wars Rebels. Watching Star Wars Rebels one might think that Chopper would be the more feisty droid of the two but all evidence was to the contrary during this race. After the race concluded, the rest of the droid races commenced. For each race two younglings helped start and finish the race. Towards the end of the race C-3PO stopped by to watch the races.

Day Two at Star Wars Celebration was a lot of fun, a lot of romance (thanks to Carrie Fisher), and a lot of droids. It was a lot of fun and Day Three looks to be equally fun with its focus on Star Wars Rebels!

Check out our Star Wars Celebration page for more photos/videos/posts.


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