Dancing with Caballeros

Three Cabelleros Dancer
Three Caballeros Dancer in Mickey’s Soundsational Parade at Disneyland.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is full of incredible talent. Quite often it is easy to notice the characters, the musicians, and people towering above as they dance down the parade route on stilts. However, there are dozens of others that bring the magic to the parade on a daily basis. They are absolutely incredible performers and without them the parade would end up feeling quite hollow and empty.

There are dozens of others that bring the magic to the parade on a daily basis!

Today I highlight one of those dancers who are always on their A-Game. I see this performer every Sunday I feel like. She is always dancing her heart out and warmly smiling to guests no matter what part of the parade she is in. On last Sunday she was dancing with the Three Caballeros when I nabbed this photo. I have always enjoyed this particular dancing spot because of the movement of their costumes. It almost has a water-like movement to it. Couple that with a talented performer, and it adds an extra dose of magic to the part of the parade.

There are many talented performers at the Disneyland Resort and many incredible costumes. What is your favorite?

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