Knott's Pie Eating Contest Becomes Official

knotts_boysenberry_logoEaters from across nation compete at Knott’s Berry Farm on March 28 at 2 pm for a $4,000 prize purse and the title of first-ever World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Champion. Joey Chestnut, who is the hot dog- and chicken wing-eating champion of the world, will be tested by some of the world’s best eaters, including Miki Sudo, the number four-ranked eater, who has consumed 104 hard-boiled eggs in eight minutes; Michelle Lesco, the number nine-ranked eater who has consumed 152 chicken wings in 10 minutes; and Mary Bowers, the number 36-ranked eater, who is the most stylish competitive eater in the world, known to fashion pieces in celebration of the day’s culinary discipline. The World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Championship will take place as part of the 16-day Knott’s Boysenberry Festival.


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