Cinderella: A Magical Review

Glass SlipperLike many other young girls, I watched my fair share of Disney Princess movies growing up. Even in my adult years, I still go and see these timeless classics. I had been anticipating this movie since they announced it at the 2013 D23 Expo. The trailers leading up to the release of this film were just a glimpse into how beautiful this movie would be. My mom and I saw this together, as Cinderella has always been her favorite Disney movie and princess. We both went into it with high expectations, but her even more so, as she didn’t want to see them ruin the story.

Fortunately, we both absolutely loved it! Disney did a phenomenal job with this version of the old classic. The movie stays true to the story we know and love, but goes into a deeper character exploration for just about each character in the story. We truly get a feeling for the childhood Ella had, and the relationship she had with her parents. I appreciate that they took the time to develop Ella’s beginnings for the audience, so we could see her foundation and what makes her the kindest person ever. As Ella grows older, and has to deal with her stepmother and stepsisters after her father’s death, she still maintains every ounce of goodness she has in her. I think I speak on behalf of every  woman who saw this, when I saw that Prince Kit was equally wonderful. Okay, we all know he is pretty to look at, but I admired his character and how he stands up for himself. It’s kind of a far cry from Prince Charming in the animated film, who doesn’t say much of anything.

Since we all know how the story goes and ends, I can’t really spoil too much for you, but it is a gorgeous film! I thought the cast was superb, as each actor and actress brought their character to life, and added a wonderful depth that cannot be explored in an animated movie. I also have to say, the costuming was one of my favorite parts! The blue dress is stunning, which we all could tell from trailers, but watching the way it moved while she dances was almost like watching another character! If Cinderella does not get nominated for an Oscar in costuming, they will be royally snubbed. Overall, I loved this movie and the storytelling, and I cannot wait to go and see it again!

*Ps. Frozen Fever is also adorable. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just leave it at the cuteness factor.

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