"Big Hero 6" Named Biggest Animation Release of 2014

Announced over the weekend, Disney’s “Big Hero 6” became the biggest animation release of 2014. The film earned over $620 million globally and $221 million domestically.

Since the film’s U.S. debut on November 7, 2014, people across the world are still enjoying this wonderful story. This past February 28, “Big Hero 6” opened in China and reeled in $51 million. This beat expectations by becoming the highest grossing animated film, even beating “Frozen” in that country. Over in Japan, the film has grossed over $75 million and is considered the second highest grossing Disney animated release ever. On top of that, it is a huge hit in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

According to a press release from Disney, this big news broke.

Last weekend, Big Hero 6 surpassed Tangled to become the third biggest Walt Disney Animation Studios release ever globally, behind only Frozen and The Lion King. It is also Walt Disney Animation Studios’ third biggest domestic release of all time.

Congratulations to “Big Hero 6” on reaching this milestone. What are your thoughts on the animated film rankings?


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