5 Tips For Social Media Meetups at Disney – by Jessica Prell

by Jessica Prell

Oh my gosh! There’s an instagram/tumblr/twitter/disney-fan-club/dapper meet up this weekend and I’m SO. EXCITED. TO. GO!

Mr. DAPs on Instagram
Mr. DAPs on Instagram

I need to figure out what to wear! How should I do my hair!? Will it be hot? O.M.G What if @Mrdaps is there?! Or even @hayleythehatter?! I need to think of what to say to them, and my top 50 questions to ask! I follow them religiously on instangram/twitter! Oh my mom, I’m so nervous. I hope they let me take a selfie with them!

Stop it right now! Stop your happy dancing!

Relax yourself.


Take a moment….

Ok….do I have your focus now?

We all have those “social media celebrities” that we follow and lookup to (I myself love @whoitsandwhatits and @randomly_riley on Instagram)

Riley Rae on Instagram
Riley Rae on Instagram
  • and it came be easy to feel like you personally know them. After all you get a glimpse of their life when you follow what they’re posting.


The key thing to remember here, is GLIMPSE. You see a GLIMPSE into their life and personality. Only a small part. So while you are super excited and feel like they’re your bestie…they might not exactly feel like they personally know you. So how can you approach an Instaceleb appropriately?

How to restrain your “crazy” when meeting a social media celebrity:

  1. Remember they’re human: people are only popular on social media because “we” make them so! They’re just a person! They get nervous, scared, excited, anxious….just like YOU. So think about how you’d like to be approached, and spoken to. IE: don’t be crazy
  2. Remember they have a life: …and it’s not necessarily the perfect one you imagine. It may seem like they have EVERYTHING, but no life is without its struggles. Gushing over someone’s perfection just isn’t realistic. They have flaws just life everyone else.
  3. Hayley the Hatter on Instagram
    Hayley the Hatter on Instagram

    Remember to be polite: They don’t HAVE to take a picture with you, and they don’t HAVE to talk to you and answer every question. Most will, because they’re polite, but remember to be polite too! Don’t be demanding, be respectful. Manners go a long way.

  4. Remember not to force anything: it’s really easy to see how you could be best friends with them, but remember it’s a two way street. Don’t force conversation if it’s not flowing. Don’t hover awkwardly. Be sincere and real- they’re love you for that! Never push yourself on someone else.
  5. Be YOU: Don’t put on a show! It’s easy to get excited and be who you “think” they’d like, but honestly- just be YOU! You are your own amazing individual- and that’s much more appealing than any fake persona you could put on. Trust in yourself, and I promise your encounter will be amazing.

Now back to happy dancing! eeeeppp!

Jessica Prell
Jessica Prell

Jessica loves social media… and helping others. When she isn’t taking awesome photos on instagram, she’s writing on her blog(jessicaprell.com), acting, singing, or taking photos of coffee for Instagram (@littleprell). She enjoys boba milk tea, sarcastic hashtags, and a great face mask. It would make her happy if someone other than her Mom followed her on twitter- so please follow her too: @jessicaprell