It’s Time to Get Dapper! – Geeks Corner – Episode 421

HayleyTheHatterJessicaPrellDapperDayGeeksCornerWelcome to this week’s edition of Geeks Corner! This week it is time to get dapper! To do so, we’ve reached out and pulled some resident and not so resident experts in to help you prepare for the best Dapper Day experience. Obviously Mr. DAPs & Hayley the Hatter are quite adept at being dapper. The geeks also bring on camera producer Tyler Epperson. Finally, special guest Jessica Prell((Jessica Prell can be found on twitter at: @jessicaprell, on Instagram at: @littleprell, YouTube at:, and also facebook: ( joins to offer a second female perspective on how to experience Dapper Day.

HayleyTheHatterTylerEppersonDapperDayGeeksCornerThis Dapper Day episode is slightly different as there is a decent chance that it might be raining on Sunday for dapper day and that could change things up a bit for folks who are dressing up. The geeks and Jessica address this and give ideas about how to still enjoy Dapper Day, despite the weather.

We hope you enjoy this week’s very dapper edition of Geeks Corner!

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